Inundated by a popular culture we have no control of, driven by profit, greed, and the want of things. This journal is our opportunity to be conscious and accountable, to curate a popular culture for ourselves - a popular culture that celebrates those who create with a purpose, conscious of their impact. We seek to illuminate and investigate issues masked by society, shed light on things that matter, and affect the course of our popular culture. This is
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"My inspiration was taken from the worldwide ethnic group clothing, particularly the ethnic group in South China, the ‘triangle shape’, and ‘the two-dimension cut’ comes from the ‘huayao dai’ ethnic," designer Min Nan Hui explains. The beautiful pattern and unique structure of this garment is what really had me in awe and I give props to Min for her originality. Make sure you check her out at .
Here you are my friends, designer Holly Fulton has made my ideal spring and summer collection. Holly has done an extraordinary job with her SS14 collection and I think she deserves some praise. “The collection was all hand-stitched, hand-embroidered, inspired by people who made their own things in the Seventies,” Holly explains. Make sure you visit her website at .
Simple colors and wonderful structure = a beautiful garment. Designer Eudon Choi has done a phenomenal job with his S/S 2014 collection, with his experience in menswear design he likes to give his womenswear collections that sort-of masculine cut. Eudon’s inspiration came from nature and the exotic flora of Asia. Make sure you checkout some of his other collections at http:// .  
“I think in menswear you have a lot of rules and I like to break rules, in a way,” designer Roni Ilan jokingly explained. Ilan is the first female doing menswear that I have written about and she has proven to me that us, females, are just as capable of making men’s clothing as men are at making women’s. Her collection exceeded my expectations and I feel she has given a good name to those women that love in making men’s clothes. Check out her short description at .
“I was always drawing and painting. It grew into more textile work, and I started involving my fabrics in my drawings,” designer Nathaniel Lyles explains. Lyles left me in amazement after looking at his extraordinary collection, which was inspired by an unattractive and unpopular Dawn Wiener in the movie “Welcome to the Dollhouse” (1995). Checkout his website at .
"I’m striving for really beautiful and carefully considered clothes,” designer Drew Henry explains. Henry has done an incredible job with his entire collection, Intersections, the different textiles and touches of color are a wonderful blend. For this collection, Drew spent hours in the Central Saint Martins’ Library looking for inspiration from his home country, South Africa. “I was finding South African references that I had never even seen before: books from 1965 that had been forgotten on the shelves.” To find out a little bit more about Drew Henry go to .